26th April 2019

Great Ideas for Standing out with Mobile Marketing

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Mobile marketing is one of the most underrated online channels in Nigeria. It has something special that all other channels do not have - close proximity to the audience. Mobile reaches the target audience in a very personalised way because people interact with mobile devices on the go.

A recent study by University of British Columbia shows that for an average person, email open rates are great at 20-30 percent; according to a Dynmark report, SMS blows that away at a 98 percent open rate! In fact, 90 percent of text messages are read within 3 seconds.

Why Mobile Marketing?

You should give a reasonable portion of your marketing budget to mobile because it has staggering market size that most marketers do not take advantage of. Terragon Group's Digital Trends for Nigeria 2018 report put Nigeria's total population at 193.4 Million, out of which 105 Million are mobile phones users.

This means targeting only Nigerians who are active on the Internet with search, email and social channels still leaves a large chunk of prospects out of your reach.

What Are the Best Mobile Marketing Channels?

The following are mobile marketing channels you should explore:

  • SMS Marketing
  • Bluetooth Proximity Marketing
  • In-app Ads

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing can be as simple as compiling the phone numbers of existing customers and sharing discounted offers, flash sales or news about your business with them. It really can be as simple as simple can get.

However, beyond sharing updates with existing customers, SMS marketing as part of a well-defined digital strategy is a totally different ball game. Using SMS marketing to reach out and engage prospects will require you know enough about them to tailor your message to them in a less intrusive manner.

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing

Bluetooth marketing is a form of proximity marketing whereby businesses use Bluetooth to reach out to their target audience with messages and promotions at their locations.

According to OuterBox, 80% of shoppers used a mobile phone inside of a physical store to either look up product reviews, compare prices or find alternative store locations. This makes Bluetooth marketing a very potent mobile marketing channel. It can be used to further help prospects through the consideration stage.

Bluetooth marketing can be used to push welcome messages, flash sales or share links to particular product pages that prospects might have visited before.

In-app Advertising

This is advertising to users of an app. In-app ad is probably the most spot-on mobile marketing idea considering that ads are shown to users of certain apps that align with a brand’s message.

According to Medialets, the click-through rates (CTR) for apps is 0.58 percent whereas Mobile Web only has a 0.23 percent CTR. As such, one can get more conversions from in-app ads that regular display ads-, though these may be a bit more costly.

So, What Makes Mobile Marketing Great?

Three ideas for mobile marketing that helps brands stand out -Mobile Optimization, Page speed and Personalization.

Mobile Optimization

Of course, mobile marketing targets prospect via their mobile devices. It will amount to shooting oneself in the foot if websites, landing pages, content, email campaigns and every other campaign aspect is not optimised.

Always consider how your campaign elements will adjust to various screen sizes when you make critical design decisions.

Page Speed

Page Speed or how fast your website loads in users’ web browsers affects your campaign in two ways -ranking in organic search ranking and user experience.

If your website is slow, it will affect your ranking when people search for your business and it may make them abandon your site right from the first page visit. The more people abandon your website for others, the lower your click through rate and the lower you will rank in organic search.


The least you can do for your mobile marketing campaign to perform well is to address recipients as humans that they are. Some brands still send messages that address recipients like robots. How they get ROI from such campaigns, I do not know.

But, one thing that I know works is addressing people in a personal tone that makes them feel you know a thing or two about them.

So, when next you are planning a marketing campaign that will make you stand out, think mobile, then think mobile optimization, page speed (site loading speed)and personalisation.